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Transnational cooperation under Czech terms


Czech LAGs’ possibilities of cooperation

Cooperation is defined as a process of solving common problems and needs of project partners together. Cooperation projects provide added value by involving various partners with various points of view resulting in innovative solutions. Czech LAGs can obtain support for

  • preliminary technical assistance for project preparation,
  • implementation of cooperation project,
  • project management.

Project topics

Focus and topics of cooperation projects depend on the information provided in strategy papers of project partners. Chosen topic must be relevant for all project partners. Both investment and non-investment types of actions can be supported.

Non-investment actions contain esp. promotional, informational, educational and leisure activities.

Investments must be directed in one of the following:

  • ensuring sale of regional products (including introduction of local labels),
  • facilities for educational activities,
  • tourist information centers.

Possible project partners

On the Czech side there must be among applicants/beneficiaries at least one LAG, whose community led local development strategy has been approved to support from EAFRD in the programming period 2014−2020. Other Czech partners can be

  • certified LAG,
  • bearer of Integrated Territorial Investment, whose strategy has been approved to support in the programming period 2014−2020,
  • bearer of Integrated Plan of the Region’s Development, whose strategy has been approved to support in the programming period 2014−2020.

Partners from other EU and non-EU states can be

  • LAG, whose strategy has been approved in accordance with Article 33 par 3 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council.
  • partnership of local public and private bodies in the rural area implementing local development strategy within or outside the EU,
  • partnership of local public and private bodies in other than rural area implementing local development strategy within or outside the EU.

Scope of the project

Maximum duration of implementation of the project is set to 24 month after grant agreement is signed.

Eligible costs range between 50 000 CZK and 5 000 000 CZK per project.

Selection process

Grant application must be registered through the Farmer’s Portal. The State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) performs administrative and acceptability checks and assesses the project according to preferential criteria.

No later than 49 calendar days since the date of registration of the application SZIF calls the applicant to correct specific deficiencies. The deficiencies must be corrected within 14 days since the date the applicant was called to correct it. This procedure is to be done only once.

Subsequently, maximum 4 months since the date of registration of the application, the application is approved and the applicant is invited to sign grant agreement.

During the selection process is an emphasis on:

  • project involves at least one foreign partner,
  • applicant/beneficiary does not outsource project activities,
  • project outcomes are directed to at least 2 eligible NACE sectors,
  • target group of the project outcomes includes at least 2 sectors (private, public, NGO),
  • project is aimed at informational or educational actions about agriculture for young people, or about social or community-supported agriculture.

Invitation for possible partners

Searching for a project partner from the Czech Republic? Come meet us at

  • LeaderFEST 2017 – Hlinsko, 31. 5. 2017 – 1. 6. 2017
  • Czech-Slovak Workshop – Velké Karlovice, 12.–13. 10. 2017


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